My new project.


Quick summary:

A Celtic warrior named Druce and a pagan girl with powers to control time. Helps him with his need to rewrite his past. His transgressions will be very bad for his royal blood if found out. while he goes through his adventures. He falls in love with her but, is not sure how to go about it because of the way he was raised and his religion he his forbidden to be associated with a pagan. Now he has to make a choice…To love her or to leave her.

In a nearby village called Stoney-brook lives a young warrior getting ready to take on the world with his mighty sword and bring the world evils down with one blow. He’s a threat to many and loved by his people. They will die for him with no questions asked. This man is in the line of royals and is destined for great things. Druce is about 18 and wants to please his parents and his soon to be kingdom.His hair short spiky colored red tips and red mustache short and trimmed. Tanned skin showing many years of being in the sunlight. Marks on his right arm that he doesn’t speak of, a secret locked up that will not find a way out of his lips. Tattoo’s on his chest(bear tracks) and left arm (a wolf). He wears his crest with pride and will fight for his land just like his father’s father and the those before him. Being a mission delights him, makes him feel full of purpose. With the rage that has been fueled by the recent attacks on to his homeland. Nothing will make him forget the revenge he seeks.

He saw her on the other side of the room dressed in blue but, lightened by the summer sunlight. Her curly brown hair streaming down her back and the curls are never ending. She has most of her hair fastened in the back her head with a jeweled clip. Which catches the eye of most of the men in the room.This shows her status within her world. Her captivating eyes are blue sapphires in the right light twinkling just right. Her skin so pale like the moonlight. Druce breaths to keep his composer and continue on eating his food that she provided. After all its not very customary to refuse food from a lady. All he is thinking about is… what does he got to do to get her name.

Gathering up his wooden bowl and spoon. Druce gets up and begins to go toward the sink and drops it in. The smell of lilacs becomes very strong as he feels her presence beside him. Taking a peek at whom it was even though knowing it anyways. She catches his eyes and asks “Do you need any help with that my lord?” Druce having a hard time looking into her eyes and speaking all at the same time, he then just nods. Walks away being able to breathe again.

By HPS Keira Ocean

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