Welcome to my lovely garden… just wanted to use this place to bring out the positivity that I have through out my life.  To share it and give inspiration for those that don’t look at their lives as such.  It took me awhile too.

To start… I have a beautiful life full of a loving husband, my three kids, great friends and family.  A place to call home and food in my belly. What more can I ask for?

My birthday is coming up (July 14th) Which would make me 29 that makes me much closer to my peak. I am very adventurous and enjoy everything around me.  We have tickets awaiting for me to go to a Nascar race in New Hampshire. Will be my first time to go to a race like that.  Have you ever gone to one? If so, then do you have any advice or any suggestions?


By HPS Keira Ocean

A Hidden Smile

Lots of dark days
Hard to come back from
Can’t seem to bring back the light
Only to find a smile on a young child’s face
Which brightens my day only to fade just a little
On going worries and strife’s are strong
Can’t explain this feeling but, a hard to come to the light
A hug from a small child that I made
brings me back to the bliss I was missing
Just like the first day
I know now that life is what I make it
For her sake I will keep a hidden smile

Jacquelyn Dionne

By HPS Keira Ocean

My Little Secret

My little Secret


Why can’t I just be me?
Why can’t I stand up strong?
Why do I allow you to hurt me?

(Yell) Never again I say!!

I lay here dying, without you I fall
Can’t take my reflection, the pieces will fall
Bring on the undoing pain and regrets
They are many
Bring on my tears, just let them fall

Hold on to what we have!
Just be you…you say
To scared to be in pain once more
So I don’t say a thing… it’s easier that way

I sit here wanting, waiting for this to end

I am me, but you don’t see…
I have changed, you haven’t seen…
Open up your eyes, before it’s too late

I am stronger than you think, you don’t care
Many life lessons have brought me here
I had no one to hold on too, always have been alone
This fight, a fight within

Just be you…well who am I?
Fear has consumed me
Too much pain… terrified of myself
I continue to be silent ,you will never know

Jacquelyn Dionne

By HPS Keira Ocean

The Looking Glass

Take a gander at my life
It’s full of twist and turns
To many regrets and shames
To many final outcomes
Only to set myself up for failure
But, nay I will not allow it to consume me
If I did, then I would be finding the bottom of a bottle
I have more than myself to worry about
This is my strength, not my weakness
I may or may not be doing it right
At least I am trying
Three little monkeys full of energy
with no yard and only a small space to call home
Makes this house become a lively place
Don’t be surprised if you see my little monkeys jumping all over
Don’t be disgusted if you see one of them hit each other
Don’t be worried if you see me in the corner crying
Just know that I am doing my best, after all being a 24/7 handler of all these affairs makes, one want to run for the hills
I keep telling myself I am doing great
After all they are fed, warm, smart and friendly
This I have worked hard, can’t you tell
I want to thank you all for your help
I want wish you all good fortune
I want to know what good fortune feels like that
I know now I have to be patient and prepare for it to come
Through lots of hard work I am waiting for my reward
Only to wait for my whole life
Only to see a glimpse of what that may be

Jacquelyn Dionne

By HPS Keira Ocean