Welcome to my lovely garden… just wanted to use this place to bring out the positivity that I have through out my life.  To share it and give inspiration for those that don’t look at their lives as such.  It took me awhile too.

To start… I have a beautiful life full of a loving husband, my three kids, great friends and family.  A place to call home and food in my belly. What more can I ask for?

My birthday is coming up (July 14th) Which would make me 29 that makes me much closer to my peak. I am very adventurous and enjoy everything around me.  We have tickets awaiting for me to go to a Nascar race in New Hampshire. Will be my first time to go to a race like that.  Have you ever gone to one? If so, then do you have any advice or any suggestions?


By HPS Keira Ocean

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