Craziness of my life

My life in a nutshell

  • Married to my best friend of 10 plus years (married for 5 years )
  • Three kids (1 gifted and stubborn girl) (Two very energetic boys)
  • I have one pet to call my own – He’s my little Toto (Cairn Terrier or should I say Terror)
  • Stay at home mother but, aspiring writer
  • Avid reader
  • Total List person whether it’s chores or the to do list
  • One bedroom apartment to call home
  • When I am able I love to be outdoors
  • Not a clean freak but, close to it
  • Coffee and tea drinker
  • Have family but, my friends are more family in my heart.
  • Tries to be creative but, isn’t always what I see in my mind…LOL at least I try
  • Mulitasker
  • Disciplinarian
  • I find anything to research on a given day
  • Love music and dancing
  • Sometimes shy but, love to be around a group of people
  • I’m a budding Entrepreneur
  • I’m the kind of person that will help as many people as I can…tend forget about myself in the process
  • I can be Emotional but, who isn’t?
  • Try to look at life in a positive way

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