Good Morning!

First off ,I wanted to first start out to tell you that I am by no means a morning person. Coffee and a shower are usually my go to things for waking up and a little music (Enter Sandman) helps too. Today though, today was different my lovely daughter who likes to get up super early was full of energy and I was the walking mommy zombie. She doesn’t mind apparently lol.

Now I am sitting here with my cup of delicious jolt of a cup and  so many ideas are running through my head. I just had to start write…I had a thirst for it. I think every since having my children I am starting to become a morning person…naw only some days . So we are sitting in the same room one is on the tablet watching you-tube videos and while I get to write like a bandit. Actual mommy time…so crazy, I must be in a dream!

What I really should be doing is my to do list for the day but, for some reason I its not that important to me right now. I feel like procrastinating a bit. To treat myself to some alone time while I can before the boys wake up. Does this make feel like a bad house maiden… sometimes. I have to make time for myself right. Like in the movie Moms night out said “I need to have my oxygen mask to help others.” I have been starting to live my life just like that and you know what I have noticed that I am not such an uptight, angry at the world edgy person anymore or at least lessened a bit. So it’s very true you need to work on yourself before you help others. I tend to forget about myself and then become pretty drained and ragged. With no energy to do anything and with three kids, a dog and a hubby that’s a big NO No!

So I will leave you all with another quote of inspiration that I am also living by…



Sitting here drinking my twisted tea. Able to finally relax to let the words roll out.  HAHAHA yeah right! Not with the beautiful crazy life that I have. I look at the word love and it has many meanings for it.  I look at the word love and I see many visions from my minds eye. Of a mother and a baby cuddling on the couch in the early morning because the baby was hungry and it wasn’t day break yet. Yet, the unconditional love is there. I also an elderly couple walking down a park path hand in hand with the years never even touching their love that’s going strong.

All beautiful visions … we all want this .. right?? I know  I do.