Summer is almost over…

Today went well. I have been
working on helping my children to get their summer packets done. In eight days…wow! To try to keep my boys focused on it is really a hard skill to teach. They are doing great on them though.

My daughter might be going to school this year. I am excited for her. She loves watching her brothers go on the bus in the morning. Hopefully she will get to be on it herself depending on her testing. Its bitter sweet but, I will be getting half a day to myself to work from home! This will be brand new for me.

I have never been one of those mother’s that cries on their first day of school, doesn’t mean I don’t miss them…just know that going to school is very good for them and they can stretch and grow.

Now thinking about it…are there anyone that isn’t ready for them to be in school?!


Good Morning!

First off ,I wanted to first start out to tell you that I am by no means a morning person. Coffee and a shower are usually my go to things for waking up and a little music (Enter Sandman) helps too. Today though, today was different my lovely daughter who likes to get up super early was full of energy and I was the walking mommy zombie. She doesn’t mind apparently lol.

Now I am sitting here with my cup of delicious jolt of a cup and ┬áso many ideas are running through my head. I just had to start write…I had a thirst for it. I think every since having my children I am starting to become a morning person…naw only some days . So we are sitting in the same room one is on the tablet watching you-tube videos and while I get to write like a bandit. Actual mommy time…so crazy, I must be in a dream!

What I really should be doing is my to do list for the day but, for some reason I its not that important to me right now. I feel like procrastinating a bit. To treat myself to some alone time while I can before the boys wake up. Does this make feel like a bad house maiden… sometimes. I have to make time for myself right. Like in the movie Moms night out said “I need to have my oxygen mask to help others.” I have been starting to live my life just like that and you know what I have noticed that I am not such an uptight, angry at the world edgy person anymore or at least lessened a bit. So it’s very true you need to work on yourself before you help others. I tend to forget about myself and then become pretty drained and ragged. With no energy to do anything and with three kids, a dog and a hubby that’s a big NO No!

So I will leave you all with another quote of inspiration that I am also living by…