Everyone breaks right??

          Yes! It’s a very healthy thing to do. Especially after the exquisite calm that returns after blowing your top. Well today that’s what I felt like after disciplining two little boys that just loves to push my buttons. Now to give you a little idea of what I saw when I walked over to the kids room. I saw so many red flags (as I call them) My daughter is trying to climb up a ladder that we have for the bunk beds. The reason why it’s not on their bunk beds well lets just say a headache of mine that was realized when my daughter keeps going up to the top bunk. With me knowing that I will never ever be there on time when she falls off that darn thing. Which she has.

          I know that every kids goes through this but, I am someone like to try too prevent things as much as I can.  Well anyways she was climbing up the stairs and then I saw my boys trying to pull her down because she isn’t supposed to be on there. She lets go and all three goes backward and the boys are cushion at this time but, then she some how bounces back up just to hit her head on to the dresser drawer. Now seeing this in obviously in a faster mode where I can’t react as fast I wanted to. After all this just happened I turned into the incredible hulk. Boy my kids are scared of me now… I finally let out everything that was bothering me, what I was feeling, all the stress and pull from this world that I live in all the while the tears are running down my face and I feel my body temperature about to the red line. Yeah! You know the feeling. I mean everyone does. So now I feel like the worst mother not only that person in the world because of the way I made the kids coward under me. What a day!